World Class Wingsuit Training in Southern California

Our wingsuit and freefly teams offer the most cutting-edge coaching in the world, as well as special events and stunt coordination, at two locations within easy driving distance of Los Angeles and San Diego.  Skydive Perris is one of the world’s premier dropzones, operating Twin Otters and Skyvans 7 days a week and boasting a full-service restaurant and bar and a swimming pool. Skydive Elsinore has a great fun jumper vibe, a beautiful view of the Ortega mountains and Lake Elsinore, and operates a Twin Otter and several Caravans. It also has a great history as the oldest and longest-running dropzone in North America.

Our team is made up of talented people with strong communication skills and a love of sharing knowledge. Many of our coaches are well known for their contributions and achievements in both the skydiving and BASE environments. They are as passionate about teaching as they are about flying.

We travel all over the world for event organizing and project coordination, bringing our fleet of demo Squirrel wingsuits upon request. We love what we do best – helping you to set and achieve your goals in the sky while having a lot of fun!

Wingsuit First Flight Training Beginner and Intermediate Wingsuit Coaching BASE Preparation
XRW Training Wingsuit Formation Training and Records Load Organizing
Special Projects Advanced and Competition WS Coaching Demonstration Jumps