_MG_5730Wingsuit Rentals

We have a full fleet of demo wingsuits and tracking suits, from beginner to experienced, available for rent. Suit rental is $50 per day or $20 per jump. For suits requiring experience we will check a logbook to confirm qualifications. We update our fleet regularly.

Wingsuit Coaching

To book coaching, please email info@lightningflight.com. Instruction is conducted in our seasonally air-conditioned/heated team room.

First Flight Course: $75 plus two slots (includes wingsuit rental)

One of our coaches will give you a full classroom briefing to get you started wingsuiting safely. Topics covered include exits, navigation, deployment, post-deployment procedures, gear, and the aerodynamics of wingsuit flight. You will then do your first wingsuit jump one-on-one with a coach, and review your progress with a video debrief. The goal of this course is to give you an introduction to the foundations of wingsuit safety. You may require additional coaching to be cleared for solo wingsuit jumps.

The course includes:

· Wingsuit rental

· Full ground briefing (for first flight course, classroom time is up to 1.5 hours)

· Comprehensive video debrief

Coach Jump: $60 plus two slots

This a la carte coach jump rate allows you to add a jump or two after a First Flight Course subject to coach availability, or to work on whatever skills or goals you choose. It does not guarantee the availability of a coach on your schedule (unless by prior arrangement with a specific coach).  Coach jumps include:

· Full ground briefing

· Comprehensive video debrief

Full Day of Coaching (All Levels): $350 plus slots

Enjoy a coach’s one-on-one, undivided attention to your goals for a full day. This rate guarantees that the coach has no other obligations or students. You pay slots for you and the coach for as many jumps as you’d like to do. Coach jumps include:

· Full ground briefing

· Comprehensive video debrief