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For experienced wingsuiters who would like to start on a path of instruction and leadership, Taya Weiss runs wingsuit coach rating courses recognized by Squirrel (although the knowledge is applicable to all brands). The goal of the initial rating course is certifying you to teach the Lightning Flight First Flight Course. Once you become certified, you gain access to online resources, mentorship, and continuing education. You will receive a Sigma Wingsuit Coach Merit when you pass the course.

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Minimum requirements to participate in the Wingsuit Coach Rating Course:

  • Hold a current USPA Coach Rating or equivalent
  • Hold a USPA C- or D-license or equivalent
  • Have a minimum of 200 wingsuit jumps
  • Be able to safely exit and consistently fly with a new wingsuit student while filming and gathering feedback
  • Own and skillfully fly a wingsuit (of any brand) that is appropriate for jumping with students

Courses run for two days with a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of four (4) participants.

Individual courses can be scheduled upon request. If you are looking for others to participate with you, we will do our best to assist in filling more slots.

There is a classroom teaching evaluation and an in-air jumping evaluation.

Cost for 2-4 candidates: $250 per person + slots for the evaluation jump(s).

Cost for individual course (one candidate): $350 + slots for the evaluation jump(s).

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