Next Level: WOWS Advantage Camp

January 6, 2018 - January 7, 2018

Get the champion advantage for WOWS style racing! Join Chris Geiler and Noah Bahnson to take your race training to the Next Level. Chris is the world champion of all things wingsuit racing and Noah is one of the fastest humans alive. Neither of them are competing in the WOWS Championship at Skydive Perris held two weeks after this camp, so they are ready to share some of their best tips with you.

The camp will run on Saturday and again for a different group on Sunday. Choose the day you'd like to attend and please put in the Notes section when you register whether it will be Saturday or Sunday. In a small group format you will do 4 jumps per day, with a 5th jump possible if it can fit in before sunset.

Exits will be out of a Skyvan just like the WOWS championship format. Chris and Noah will film a different person each time and give full debriefs in between each jump for the group.


1. Be comfortable flying close to others in close proximity at high speeds in an advanced wingsuit (nothing smaller than a Squirrel Freak or equivalent)

2. Be familiar with the wingsuit flight patterns and airspace at Skydive Perris prior to the start of the camp

3. It is highly encouraged to bring a FlySight to get the most out of the debriefs.

Registration is closed for this event