Thinking About Wingsuit Openings

October 26, 2017

"Flying a wingsuit, if you’re ready, is pretty straightforward. It doesn’t take much effort: just relax, look where you want to go and fly it back without hitting anything. The tricky part – that even some highly experienced skydivers still struggle with – is the deployment of your parachute.

We at Squirrel seek to improve wingsuit design & technique. The success of our products is thanks to our extensive stable of test pilots who have worked hard to elevate techniques just as much as product performance.

This article is an attempt to collate some of what we have learned from the only collaborative effort to test wingsuits and parachutes. This is what we think works best now, in 2016 and it may contradict some older instructional material that we consider outdated. The techniques here will, hopefully, eventually, be replaced by better techniques. Such is the nature of progress. Out with the old, in with the new!" -Matt Gerdes

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Categories: For Coaches, Deployment