Wingsuit Rental


For Skydivers

We offer Squirrel tracking suits, beginner wingsuits, and intermediate wingsuits for short-term, local rental. The cost is $50 per day or $20 per jump. We keep our fleet in top shape!

We encourage new wingsuiters to purchase their own suit to fly as soon as they know they want to continue in the discipline, and we are happy to measure you and help you place an order.


For Productions

We have a range of wingsuits available for costuming and production use. We consult, coordinate, and deliver or arrange supervised pickup of suits. Once the shoot is over, we clean the suits and take responsibility for any repairs necessary so that the suits can safely be jumped again in the skydiving environment after they are used on set.

Please email [email protected] with details of your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that our rental prices vary for production use and are not the same as the prices we offer to qualified skydivers who are jumping the suits with our coaches.